Online Group Meetings

Please note: There are no online group meetings at the moment due to travels. Please sign up below for the newsletter/meetings to get all the relevant information about the meetings. Thank you 🙏.

These meetings (*Satsang) are intended to discover, remember and deepen in our experience and understanding of our true nature or reality. They are also a beautiful and joyful way to stay in touch as a community and to celebrate our friendship in truth, love and simplicity. The intention is not to gain more learning or conceptual knowledge for the mind, but to establish ourselves in actual experiential understanding.

With this understanding established, we are free to simply be our true selves which brings harmony to all aspects of our human experience including the experience of the body, emotions, relationships, work, family life, etc. In other words, in living this experiential understanding we are finding ourselves, naturally and effortlessly, to simply be happy, peaceful and creative people.

The meetings usually begin with a silent settling in together, followed by a talk or a guided meditation. After that, there is usually room for your questions. However you are also free to simply listen, and to enjoy the silent peace of our shared being.

*Satsang (sat = truth and sangha = community) is coming together as a group of truth and freedom lovers, or simply friends.

The meetings are happening online on Zoom (all you need is a phone or a computer with an Internet connection).

After registering you will receive an email with the Zoom link to enter the meetings and also the access link to a Signal group (where you can get all the relevant information & updates).

There is no subscription or any further commitment involved by registering. Once you got the Zoom link you are free to attend the meetings whenever you like with the same link.

How much does it cost to attend? We would like to give everyone the opportunity to attend these meetings, independent of their financial situation. Therefore these gatherings of friends are open to all by donation. We are freedom lovers so please feel free to give as you can and as you wish.

Adrian thank you so much for creating and holding our Sunday space- it is the highlight of my week 🙏. ~ Lesley (Australia)

What a beautiful Satsang… It was like having a first class ticket HOME. There seems to be a growing sea of teachers springing up today. But, I find most lacking. Your Satsang’s really resonate… Not preaching anything to do or believe… Just authentic Truth… Which always speaks for itself. Many Thanks! ~ Ric (USA)

What a beautiful meeting you carried in shining, loving presence yesterday. This heart is still wide open with the joy, the music and the all pervading perfume of love. Thank you so much for opening the space that allows this to come forth. ~ Sally (Australia)

I was very sceptical towards online Satsang, but it works, works in a wonderful way. Many say the best way to attain the unattainable is to be in contact with a living Buddha, so here is your chance, grab it! ~ Aranya (Germany)

The meetings have turned Sundays into holy days for me and the energy carries me for a long time. ~ Caro (Germany)

I had a wonderful time. I had no idea what to expect and I was positively struck. Receiving these teachings through a teacher and not just through reading is really something else. And then this communion / silent presence of the group is quite moving. Thanks Adrian for sharing this 🙏 ~ Marion (France)

Adrian is also offering private ‚One as One‘ sessions. Please find more information here.